In early 2018, the two company founders Stephan Rötzer and Jorge Peris put the management of the company in the hands of a Leadership Team headed by CEO Michael Brinkmann.

Michael Brinkmann, SanLucar Group CEO

Born in Bremen, he is a qualified economist with an MBA from Stanford University in California. His passion is to further develop successful family enterprises on a professional level and prepare them for the global market. With this objective in mind, Michael joined SanLucar as CFO. In 2015 he advanced the development of our worldwide farms and turned them into oases for delicious fruit varieties as CEO International. In 2018 he became CEO of the entire SanLucar Group and is actively supported by a Leadership Team and employees from over 30 nations.

“I clicked with Stephan und Jorge right away at our first meeting. Their vision for fruit and vegetables fascinated me from the beginning: the entire value chain from the cultivation to the consumer, paired with SanLucar’s unique corporate culture, which exists over decades, are really something extraordinary in the market. Preserving this heritage and implementing SanLucar’s vision in the entire world is a wonderful task, which I take on enthusiastically every day.”

Away from the day-to-day business, Stephan Rötzer and Jorge Peris focus on the strategic development of the company.

Stephan Rötzer, Founder and Owner

As the son of a fruit and vegetable wholesaler from Munich, he was born with a passion for best fruit and vegetables. He fell in love with Spain and citrus fruit early on, and therefore founded SanLucar in Valencia in 1993. Since then, he has been living his dream every day, providing people with the best fruit from all over the world. He found reliable partners in excellent master growers, who help him realise his vision of providing extraordinary fruit and vegetables. So it’s no surprise that SanLucar has come to be a major international brand with a good reputation. He has now retired from the daily business of the company, to be able to concentrate on the further development of the products and brand.

“I’m constantly fascinated by fruit and the dynamics of this business. And I’m happy that I can live my passion on my many trips around the world.”

Jorge Peris, Co-founder and General Manager

The economist from Valencia started out supporting Stephan Rötzer as a student in the founding and development of SanLucar. Hand in hand with the growth of the company, he faced a variety of professional challenges, ranging from HR and Finance to the Management Department. Today he is the SanLucar Group’s General Manager and focuses on strategic corporate development. As a dream team, Stephan and Jorge always come up with good ideas about how they can further revolutionise the world of fruit.

”If people had told me back then when I was a student that SanLucar would start out in a garage and turn into a global enterprise, I would’ve probably thought they were crazy. But SanLucar has always been something special. Keeping it that way has always been my duty and I continue to keep a watchful eye on it.“